Bergamo Su & Giù concentrates its core activity in the guided tours, these being the most evident feature of its mission and of its style. Thanks to a group of long experienced and flexible guides, our association can carry out the service of a guided tour according to three different parameters, which can be independent or overlapping.

1) Our guided tours are directed to both groups and single tourists or small groups (<10), according to criteria which can be fixed each time with our secretary or, sometimes, they can be fixed by ourselves for certain times of the year;

2) Our fully-escorted tours can also be structured according to the place you wish to visit in detail: we can organize for you a tour in the Old Town, within the perimeter of the Venetian walls, this itinerary being particularly apt for foreign visitors. Alternatively we can offer you a re-discovery of the New Town or, finally a customized tour in the Province of Bergamo can be organized, a region which is rich in history and works of art;

3) Not only can you choose the destinations for a guided tour, but you can also focus on the historical-cultural elements which represent the fundamentals to create the most various routes: our suggestions range from a traditional approach "on foot" (particularly indicated for those tourists being for their first time in Bergamo), to different solutions mixing the historical-artistic ingredients of our town and reinterpreting them in an original, curious, funny or useful way. Apart from standard tours giving a global idea of our town, there are also some specific routes which can focus on local elements such as, for example, a Lorenzo Lotto itinerary, the churches dedicated to our Saint Patron, S. Alessandro, the city centre in the New Town, called the Centro Piacentiniano, etc.

All the necessary information concerning your guided tours, fares, duration, logistic aspects, contents of a standard or customized tour, can be obtained from our secretary if you click on "Contact us". Hereunder one has the chance to have a look at the 2009-2010 Tour Program that our Association has conceived with reference to the Old Town, the New Town and the District around Bergamo.

 Guided-Tour Program